Rosewood Involvement Centre Friday Meetings

by Sheila & Stephen – Involvement Volunteers (Aka Q)

The Rosewood Involvement Centre holds a centre meeting every Friday afternoon, in Ollerton in North Nottinghamshire. This meeting is for Involvement volunteers with guest speakers and staff sharing their experiences and information together. Sometime we receive training at the meeting to help us with our volunteering activities. The meeting usually kicks off with a sandwich lunch prepared by our volunteers which is a good way to get to know staff and new volunteers too.

Discussions are wide and varied such as the Executive Leadership Council (ELC).

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) is made up of 150 senior members of the Trust. They meet on a monthly basis to share and discuss the leadership and direction of the organisation.

New volunteers joined the council in September 2015. Volunteers are expected to feedback to the Rosewood Friday meeting about ELC so that Involvement Volunteers have some awareness of what happens in our Trust at senior level. It helps us to understand how the Trust is thinking and moving forward.

We are encouraged to feedback about our involvement work in the meeting. Paul R, Involvement Volunteer, shared his experience at one meeting about The Kings Fund Conference in London. The subject was “Improving access to Mental Health” through digital means. Involvement is really varied and finding out what is going on in other parts of the country can be really useful to help us in Involvement.

Updates from other Involvement meetings are shared in the Friday meeting such as the ‘Routes to Employment’ meeting held at Duncan McMillian House Nottingham which is open to anyone with an interest in getting back to employment for people who have been experienced  mental ill health by raising awareness of the barriers in returning to work after being unwell.

Upcoming weekly events are shared such as ‘Bassetlaw Live’ Hospital Open Day, the Monday Communications Group, Carers Groups and Mental Health Awareness Weeks events.

Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) Audit Training is just one of the many opportunities held at Rosewood .The meeting encourages us to suggest things that may help in our roles as volunteers. E.g. A dance group was suggested to give volunteers some self-confidence, fun and help fitness.

New volunteers are welcome at Rosewood. Tel: 0115 993 4567 for more information

E-mail: Twitter: @InvolveT1

Hello , My name is Alan.

Rosewood Rockers
The Rosewood Rockers

Hello , My name is Alan.

I’m a volunteer and service user at Rosewood Involvement Centre in Ollerton.

I like to meet & greet new people into the centre, with tea in hand and a welcoming smile.

I joined Rosewood about a year ago and quickly settled into helping out in the centre.  I particularly like helping to set up the meeting room ready for visiting speakers, so if they need the projector I set this up for them.

I also like to help with the hospitality – helping with the buffet, getting drinks etc…

I like to keep things in order and this is the same in the Rosewood building.  So I ensure that the different rooms are clean & tidy and everything is put in its right place so the building and the use there of is safe.

Recently we have formed a new band from the regular music group here at Rosewood – our band is called ‘Rosewood Rockers’.

As a group we have “toured” both old peoples ward and mental health wards within the trust.

We were also privileged to be able to perform in Rampton.

And we regularly entertain visitors to Rosewood!

County Carers’ group launched

Rosewood Involvement Centre Carer Volunteers, The Newark Community Rehabilitation Team and The Family Intervention Team have worked in partnership to establish a new County Carers’ Support Group; an initial meeting was held in April 15 which was very well attended and ideas and suggestions were all noted with regard to the purpose and aims of the group. It was decided that the meetings would consist of opportunities for involvement work, information about resources available to carers, and support, to be shared. The carers felt strongly that the meetings should be a place where they could problem solve together and have laughter and enjoyment.

ROSIE'S 2.7.15 action shot

The first meeting took place on the 2nd July 2015. The members all voted on a selection of suggested names for the group, the final choice being ROSIES- Resources Opportunities Support Information Enjoyment for Supporters.

Following requests from the carer members Michael Sergeant, Local Service Lead for Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act kindly gave a presentation regarding these topics in partnership with Amy Simmons, Clinical Lead from the Newark Community Rehabilitation Team. This was extremely well received and many positive comments from Carers were expressed: “we need more sessions like this”, “so very informative and interesting, I have learnt so much that is relevant to me”, “thank you and a superb session”. Amy Simmons stated “this is such an important part of my work and I am so pleased to be involved”.

For more information about ROSIES please contact Nigel Groves or telephone on 01159560845 or Amy Simmons or telephone 01158542216 or come along to the next meeting which will be on Thursday 1st October 2015 at 1.00pm, at Rosewood the Involvement Centre, Ollerton. The meeting is two hours long and you will be guaranteed a warm welcome and refreshments. Adele Bryan, General Manger from Adult Mental Health Directorate will be joining us in October as a guest speaker.

ROSIE'S 2.7.15 whole

Wathwood Hospital – Alison & Steve Volunteers making a difference

Wathwood Hospital is a 56 bedded medium secure unit located in an area of natural beauty in Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire. It helps people who require assessment and treatment of mental health difficulties in a secure environment. The hospital offers structured therapy with a diverse range of sporting, leisure and educational activities.

Volunteers at Rosewood Involvement Centre Ollerton are often asked to take part in staff interviews. One individual has recently been part of a patient panel of interviewee’s at Wathwood Hospital for staff vacancies.  The Interviews were held over 2 days at Wathwood Hospital and comprised of a professional and patient panel.

The patient panel was chaired by Alison, a Service User/Carer/Volunteer from Rosewood Involvement Centre along with a representative from Advocacy and one patient from Wathwood Hospital plus a Rosewood Centre volunteer to shadow and learn from the whole process.

August will see Wathwood Hospital hosting Involvement Interview Training (IIT) which gives patient’s opportunities to get involved in recruiting new staff for the hospital.

At the Rosewood Centre a display  of produce including jams, chutney’s and honey from the Wathwood shop is available. It helps to raise cash for the benefit of patients and Wathwood Hospital. Volunteers, visitors and staff enjoy the selection of food produced by staff and patients working together.

Other news from Wathwood. This month, Stephen will shadow Alison at Wathwood Hospital and attend the Wathwood Patient Council meeting.

Rosewood has a very good rapport with Wathwood Hospital involving volunteers, staff and patients built up over many years. We want to continue this partnership and build our involvement even further. Changing services and making improvements due to this positive partnership is our main drive and one we really enjoy.

Many thanks to all the wonderful staff & patients at Wathwood Hospital from the Rosewood Involvement Centre.

Wathwood - Changes Made

Home & Away! Summer at Rosewood

High Teas & Open Day   By Gordon – Involvement Volunteer

The summer has been busy for Rosewood Volunteers who joined Trust staff, patients and volunteers for High Tea at the Millbrook Centre, Kings Mill Hospital on Thursday 4th June 2015. Tea & home-made cakes were in abundance with the money made from cake sales being reinvested for the benefit of patients at Millbrook.


The very next day our volunteers were hosting the Volunteers Open Day at Rosewood Involvement Centre on Friday 5th June 2015

The volunteers open day introduced people to the new integrated IEV team,
(Involvement, Experience & Volunteering) giving an insight on what the centres have to offer including the roles, opportunities and how to get involved.

A team of established volunteers, including service users, carers & staff were on hand to pass on information and talk to visitors.  Talks about lived experience of Mental Health were presented at the Open Day too.

Lots of people came along for a cuppa and informal chat throughout the day.

For more information on involvement and volunteering within the Trust, contact a member of the Involvement Team at either of the involvement centres:

The Involvement Centre                                Rosewood Involvement Centre

Duncan Macmillan House                            Church Circle

Porch ester Road                                               New Ollerton

Nottingham                                                          Nottinghamshire

NG3 6AA                                                                 NG22 9SZ

Tel: 0115 993 4567/8                                          Tel: 0115 956 0845



What’s on at Rosewood Involvement Centre August 2015

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Rosewood Garden

I’m sat here asking myself a question, where has summer gone? It’s the end of July but on the outside, the temperature is not expected to exceed 13°! Let’s hope things improve soon for our summer party on Friday 31st July!

Okay let’s see what is happening in August

Let’s start with Mondays. We have five Mondays in August and our Communications Feedback and Media group will be extended from 10.15 until 3.15. We have increased the time….. so much going on!  We are redesigning the noticeboards and our Involvement tree (more about that when we finish it.. all will be revealed) We are blogging and tweeting more and changing how we run the centre meeting and the way we share information with people.

This is a long day so we are being flexible. People can come for half or a full day. Many of our volunteers have Trust email accounts and are able to write blogs and tweets on behalf of other volunteers who may not use computers.

The Friday’s weekly centre meeting runs from 1- 3pm. We often have guest speakers who present what they do for the Trust and how this links to involvement. This meeting can generate opportunities for volunteers in different areas of the Trust. We serve a small buffet around 12.30.

6 August 3.15pm. Planning for World Mental Health Awareness Week. On 9th October our World Mental Health Awareness Week event is held at the Rosewood Involvement Centre. The event will be aimed at raising awareness of carers, carer groups, and other organisations we work with.

14 August. The centre meeting is not taking place

Instead, volunteers and staff are attending a patient user group meeting at the Peaks Unit – Rampton High Secure Hospital. We link to the other areas at Rampton and we are keen to promote Involvement at The Peaks too. Volunteers from Rosewood will be able to join the patient user group meetings. Some of these meetings relate to recovery. Other work at Rampton included the Involvement Interview Team (IIT) training; a recovery story session and helping patients fill in satisfaction surveys and our own service user carer experience survey. (SUCE)

Rampton Hospital Involvement

11 August.  We are helping patients from the women’s service and male personality disorder service to create their own recovery stories. Great to see our volunteers using their ‘lived experience’ of services to help patients on their pathway to recovery.

12 August.  We will visit Adult Mental Health and IDD (intellectual developmental disabilities, formerly known as learning disability) services. We help patients to fill out and complete the patient satisfaction survey. We hope that due to support from Involvement more people will fill in this survey. The most important thing is that any comments raised will be listened to.

25 August. Meeting about working on restrictive practices. There are several work themes and we are involved in three of them and attend the steering group.

27 August. 1.30 -3pm. Third meeting of the Rosewood Forensic Group with staff from forensic services and Human Resources and our volunteers. We want to increase involvement activity at Rampton and Wathwood Hospital. We are working on developing peer support in forensic services. We already have what I call, ‘natural peers’ from Rosewood who encourage patients at Rampton and Wathwood. This meeting is on the fourth Thursday of each month. If you are interested in becoming involved in forensics please contact the Rosewood centre.

Wathwood Hospital

18 August. Training patients in how to interview staff interview. This training allows patients to be actively involved in the recruitment process. Patients have been involved in interviews ranging from ward managers, band five staff nurses, and health care support workers.

Duncan Macmillan House.

19 August. 10.30 – 2.30 The Involvement and Experience Group. This is the involvement team’s meeting with Trust involvement leads and representation from involvement, service users, carers and volunteers. The group reviews involvement reports and how we involve people around the Trust. We are also updated on national and local policy.

Millbrook Hospital. 

20 August. 10.30am Service users are involved in the Patients Council meeting. Our volunteers and patients from the wards attend to promote involvement.

27 August. Millbrook Events Committee. This group meet to plan events that patients can take part in, E.g. the summer party that was held last month.

Nottingham DMH Involvement Centre Joint Work with Rosewood

13 August 2-4pm. Ideal Ward Round Meeting. This includes service users, carers and volunteers from both centres gaining feedback from patients, carers and staff about ward rounds. The ward round is normally a weekly  meeting on the acute wards in adult mental health services with the patient reviewing how the treatment is moving forward etc.

That’s it for now. Have a good month!  Nigel – Centre Manager

Rosewood Involvement Centre 0115 9560845

Rosewood Involvement Centre- what’s on July 2015

Let’s start with Fridays:

This month we have a variety of guests which include:

* The deputy director of local services- Amanda Kemp

* The head of HR- Claire Teeney

* Louise Randall – Louise is currently reviewing operational procedures at the Millbrook hospital, a process we are actively involved in.

We have two executive directors visiting Rosewood this month. On 17th July, Ruth Hawkins, chief executive, will visit. This will be a chance for volunteers at Rosewood to update Ruth on all the work they are involved in.

On 31st July the Rosewood patron, Julie Hall, Executive Director of Forensic Services will be visiting the centre. This is always a great opportunity for Julie to meet service users and carers and volunteers in the centre. Being our patron Julie has a keen interest on everything the centre is involved in and is very keen to hear individual stories. She is always enthusiastic about how she can support us to develop and be involved within the Trust.

24th July is the annual general meeting and we will have two minibuses travelling from Rosewood. The annual general meeting is very popular with the service users and carers and volunteers at Rosewood and is always well supported. This year there will be an opportunity for some of our volunteers who attend meetings at Rampton to ask questions at the AGM on behalf of patients.

Mondays at Rosewood:

Apart from 13th July the comms group will meet as normal. The communications feedback media group will be working on blogging this month. They will also be acting as a resource to review a carers’ document in partnership with the family friends and carers staff. We also have Jane Danforth come in one day this month on 20th July to help train service users and volunteers interested in Patient Opinion, blogging and tweeting.

Thursday, 2nd July is the Rosewood County carers’ group. This is a new group for carers who wish to link to involvement. The group members consist of carers from Bassetlaw, Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood. At this first meeting of the carers of us for some training relating to the mental capacity act. This group intends to meet four times a year and is a great opportunity for carers across the North of the County to come together and share their experience with each other. This group will also act as a resource for the trust who want to discuss issues policies except. The group of also indicated they would like to invite key guests for example Chief Executive general manager local services etc.

The involvement interview team training continues this month. This training is always co-produced. The involvement interview team training enables service users patients and carers to take part in the interview process for the trust linking to value-based recruitment.

At Millbrook hospital there are several meetings and events this month which we will be supporting. We have service users and carers involved in the Millbrook live events committee. This particular meeting is run by the general manager of local services and is actively reviewing all care at Millbrook to see how things can be improved for patients and staff alike this is a great opportunity for our volunteers to take part in such a senior meeting.

There is a summer fair at Millbrook on 9th July which Rosewood will be fully supporting providing a tombola, involvement stall, and the Rosewood rockers three of our volunteers who will be performing three sets of songs from their repertoire. This will also be an opportunity to gain feedback from patients about their care and also get feedback from the event itself.

There are several other groups meetings that we are involved in this month. For more information please contact Nigel Groves, involvement centre manager the Rosewood centre church circle new Ollerton Newark, Notts NG22 9SZ. Telephone number (0115) 956 0845.

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