What’s on at Rosewood Involvement centre- December 2015

Just some of our lovely Involvement staff members

We are already in the festive run-up to Christmas. As a service user myself I like to be mindful about other service users and carers, especially this time of year. The long nights and cold weather and the pressure of Christmas can be a difficult time for many people.

The Rosewood centre will be open as normal except for the bank holidays. We have planned two extra days between Christmas and New Year for our volunteers to come and get together during this time. Social inclusion is very important and a key part of involvement.

We are involved in a great deal of Christmas activity across the trust. 1st December was the Bassetlaw carers’ Christmas get-together. We already have feedback from this and it looks like it was a great day.

The Rosehips belly dancers have kindly agreed to dance at Rampton Hospital on 8th December this will be at the women’s service. Their second performance is highly anticipated and the patients love to get involved and keep active. The Rosehips will also be performing at the Millbrook Christmas fair on December 10th.

On 11th December at Rosewood is the Chair of the Trust’s Christmas bash. This is from twelve until two. We have food, singing, and a couple of presentations. At 2pm we are going across to the church opposite Rosewood to do a little festive singing.

We have all the normal groups across the month: Mondays being the communication media and feedback group and we also have a medication drop-in session on 14th December.

We have some 15 step challenge audits at Lindholme prison- also we will be attending the restrictive practice steering group this month. We have the Involvement and Experience meeting on 16th December which will be held in Ollerton at a new venue- the Scout and guide centre. There are several live meetings this month- Bassetlaw live and Millbrook live, which we are linked to.

We will also be joining as normal the recovery and involvement groups across Rampton.

Visiting the Peaks at Rampton Hospital

by Carol Ward

Involvement Volunteer The Rosewood Centre

Instead of attending the usual Rosewood Friday Centre meeting I’m off into the Peaks Unit at Rampton with Nigel, Graham and Alan. I’m apprehensive and excited at the same time. After going through the usual security checks, we are escorted across to the Peaks. As we approach the unit I can see the enormity of the building which I’d not realised before. The building is unusual in design. It is made up of seven spires hence its name – The Peaks. The first thing I notice at the front door is pots of flowers which are cheery and a welcome sight on arrival; they immediately soften the building.

We enter via the front door and the vestibule is small but light. We sign in via the visitor’s book which is resting on a lectern which reminds me of a church setting, which is lovely too.

We then pass into the next room which has a model of the building in it. It holds little messages created by the patients that you can pick up and read before putting back for the next person to read.

We continue through locked doors into the first main bit of the building. The corridor is wide, spacious light and airy. It has a lovely feel to it and instead of feeling more nervous, I’m feeling the sense of space which is surprisingly nice.

We are met by staff and move into a nice cosy room with soft furnishings. Once we are settled, the patients are brought into the room to meet with us. We say hello. Once settled, the nurse practitioner welcomes everyone and we do a round of introductions. It strikes me how young some of the guys are, and I can’t help but wonder how they have got to this point? Some of them look pale and sleepy whilst others are vocal and more animated.

The patients talk about issues that matter to them, such as being affected by short staffing and activities being cancelled. Mary [modern matron] reminds them that they need to motivate themselves as well. I can imagine this being easier said than done. I also realise that what Mary says also needs to be heard by the patients.

Nigel [Rosewood Centre Manager] tells the patients about Rosewood and the activities that we do, both within the Centre and outreach work as well and also about the work we have been doing in other parts of Rampton Hospital.

Some of the patients leave the room to do their shopping whilst others who have done their shopping come in to replace the ones that go out to the shop! It’s good to meet them and the staff within the Peaks and a pleasant and welcoming experience. We have a chance at the end of the meeting to have a look round the hospital. Firstly we have a look in the woodwork room where we see some beautiful creations made by the patients, ranging from a wooden dolls house to beautiful wooden bowls which are very tactile. We then visit one of the wards and I see a seclusion room for the first time and it actually looks better than I thought it would. I am told by the staff that it isn’t used very often. The ward is bright and airy and the guys can freely access a small garden. The plants in the garden are colourful and cheery and there are seating areas.The hospital is working towards forming a sensory garden.

The visit has been a positive experience. Thank you to staff and patients within the Peaks – another positive learning experience. I am looking forward to more voluntary work at Rampton.

Rampton Patients tell their Personal Recovery Stories

By Eric and Carol – Rosewood Involvement Volunteers

In September 2015 we attended the Diamond Resource Centre (women’s unit) and the male PD (personality disorder unit) Chiltern Ward to assist patients in writing their stories of their personal recovery journey through Rampton Hospital.

The patients were enthusiastic and wrote stories varying in length from one to three sides! They were given some prompts to help them.

For example:

“What was it like when you first came to Rampton?”

” What has helped you in your recovery?”

“Where do you see your future?”

One patient would like to use his experiences to help inform students and others in schools and universities in the future, and another would like a small business.

Some of the patients were happy to read out their stories and some preferred to have them read out. All this took place at a Day Care Conference at Rampton Hospital held at the end of September. As well as their peers and staff, patients invited doctors to come and listen to their story. One patient even invited his psychologist.

All in all a good experience for us as involvement volunteers and the chance to support Rampton Patients in a unique way.

Hello , My name is Alan.

Rosewood Rockers
The Rosewood Rockers

Hello , My name is Alan.

I’m a volunteer and service user at Rosewood Involvement Centre in Ollerton.

I like to meet & greet new people into the centre, with tea in hand and a welcoming smile.

I joined Rosewood about a year ago and quickly settled into helping out in the centre.  I particularly like helping to set up the meeting room ready for visiting speakers, so if they need the projector I set this up for them.

I also like to help with the hospitality – helping with the buffet, getting drinks etc…

I like to keep things in order and this is the same in the Rosewood building.  So I ensure that the different rooms are clean & tidy and everything is put in its right place so the building and the use there of is safe.

Recently we have formed a new band from the regular music group here at Rosewood – our band is called ‘Rosewood Rockers’.

As a group we have “toured” both old peoples ward and mental health wards within the trust.

We were also privileged to be able to perform in Rampton.

And we regularly entertain visitors to Rosewood!

Rosewood Involvement Centre- what’s on July 2015

Let’s start with Fridays:

This month we have a variety of guests which include:

* The deputy director of local services- Amanda Kemp

* The head of HR- Claire Teeney

* Louise Randall – Louise is currently reviewing operational procedures at the Millbrook hospital, a process we are actively involved in.

We have two executive directors visiting Rosewood this month. On 17th July, Ruth Hawkins, chief executive, will visit. This will be a chance for volunteers at Rosewood to update Ruth on all the work they are involved in.

On 31st July the Rosewood patron, Julie Hall, Executive Director of Forensic Services will be visiting the centre. This is always a great opportunity for Julie to meet service users and carers and volunteers in the centre. Being our patron Julie has a keen interest on everything the centre is involved in and is very keen to hear individual stories. She is always enthusiastic about how she can support us to develop and be involved within the Trust.

24th July is the annual general meeting and we will have two minibuses travelling from Rosewood. The annual general meeting is very popular with the service users and carers and volunteers at Rosewood and is always well supported. This year there will be an opportunity for some of our volunteers who attend meetings at Rampton to ask questions at the AGM on behalf of patients.

Mondays at Rosewood:

Apart from 13th July the comms group will meet as normal. The communications feedback media group will be working on blogging this month. They will also be acting as a resource to review a carers’ document in partnership with the family friends and carers staff. We also have Jane Danforth come in one day this month on 20th July to help train service users and volunteers interested in Patient Opinion, blogging and tweeting.

Thursday, 2nd July is the Rosewood County carers’ group. This is a new group for carers who wish to link to involvement. The group members consist of carers from Bassetlaw, Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood. At this first meeting of the carers of us for some training relating to the mental capacity act. This group intends to meet four times a year and is a great opportunity for carers across the North of the County to come together and share their experience with each other. This group will also act as a resource for the trust who want to discuss issues policies except. The group of also indicated they would like to invite key guests for example Chief Executive general manager local services etc.

The involvement interview team training continues this month. This training is always co-produced. The involvement interview team training enables service users patients and carers to take part in the interview process for the trust linking to value-based recruitment.

At Millbrook hospital there are several meetings and events this month which we will be supporting. We have service users and carers involved in the Millbrook live events committee. This particular meeting is run by the general manager of local services and is actively reviewing all care at Millbrook to see how things can be improved for patients and staff alike this is a great opportunity for our volunteers to take part in such a senior meeting.

There is a summer fair at Millbrook on 9th July which Rosewood will be fully supporting providing a tombola, involvement stall, and the Rosewood rockers three of our volunteers who will be performing three sets of songs from their repertoire. This will also be an opportunity to gain feedback from patients about their care and also get feedback from the event itself.

There are several other groups meetings that we are involved in this month. For more information please contact Nigel Groves, involvement centre manager the Rosewood centre church circle new Ollerton Newark, Notts NG22 9SZ. Telephone number (0115) 956 0845.

Click here for the full calendar

Rosewood Involvement Centre- what’s on

We have an extremely busy and exciting month at the Rosewood involvement centre.

We have our weekly centre meeting which is held every Friday at from 1 until 3pm. Friday also starts with a garden and music group from 10 till 12. These groups help build confidence and aid the recovery pathway. We serve a small buffet from around 12:15, this is great for catching up and meeting new people. At the centre meeting guests are invited to discuss their roles within the trust and any offers they can make for us to get more involved, followed by debate, and questions from service users and carers. The speakers for April are as follows:

10th April we have some more from New Leaf Smoking- this will be a presentation on tools to help people quit smoking. This links to the Trust’s healthier lifestyles activity and should be an interesting presentation. Our second guest speaker on 10th April is Helen Watkinson, the newly appointed modern matron for mental health and learning disabilities at Rampton Hospital. In the past we have worked with the modern matron from these directorates, they have helped us work with patients on recovery and interviewing. We were also able to join the patient groups and support them whenever possible. We are keen to continue our link with Helen and look forward to her presentation this will be about how she hopes to include service users and carers from Involvement and how we work with patients at Rampton.

17th April our guest is Tracey Rowe, also from Rampton. She is the recovery lead across the whole hospital. She will be presenting what is happening at Rampton relating to recovery and hopefully will bring an invitation for our service users and carers to become involved in any activities relevant to us here at Rosewood.

24th April the new general manager for local services, Adele Bryan, will be attending the centre. Adele was the modern matron we used to work with at Rampton, forming a partnership which was ground-breaking and very successful. We are looking forward very much to working with her in local services and await the opportunities that she will undoubtedly bring. The same day we have the new ward manager from the Lucy Wade Ward at Millbrook, Joe Fox. We were delighted to find out that Joe had been promoted to ward manager since we have worked with him in the past on the Patient Feedback Challenge. Joe was instrumental in making the project at Millbrook successful.

The other core day at Rosewood is Monday when we run our communications, feedback, and media group. This group normally meets from 10 until 3pm. On 27th April it will be slightly different because in the morning we are delivering core training for the service users and volunteers. This is about confidentiality and safeguarding. This kind of learning develops confidence and helps service users and carers to engage with involvement opportunities. With an understanding of safeguarding and confidentiality our volunteers can feel confident when representing Involvement.

We will be attending the Executive Leadership Council meeting on 21st April. The Executive Leadership Council is a monthly meeting of all the top directors and managers in the trust. It is just great to see that service users and carers are invited to attend such an important meeting. We will also be attending the new Trust website launch on 22nd April.

We are hoping to go to Millbrook on 8th April to gain feedback from patients on what a ward round is like for them. This is one of the projects that both Rosewood and the Duncan Macmillan House Involvement centres are working on. Rosewood will be covering Millbrook hospital and also Bassetlaw hospital (ward B2). The idea of this work is to gain feedback from patients, carers and staff to see if ward rounds can be improved.

We will be starting a new piece of work in April for the forensic division linking in to a project called Restrictive Practices. This looks like being a large piece of work for the forensic division and it is important that service users and carers are involved in this. This work will be looking at, for example, isolation, seclusion and blanket restrictions. We will be reviewing the policy and hoping to improve things for patients and for staff.

The Community of Interest for carers will be held North of the county this month at Bassetlaw hospital on 9 April. This group is a great way for carers to be part of helping produce the carers’ strategy for the Trust. The head of Involvement normally attends this meeting and it is of great interest for carers to hear the plans and development opportunities across the whole Trust.

Some of our volunteers at Rosewood have become Care Programme Approach (CPA) champions. They spent several months learning presentation skills with the CPA office staff. This enabled them to confidently present their lived experience of CPA. On 7th April there is an opportunity for these volunteers to be videoed and make a film about any questions likely to be asked about CPA.