Nurses Day: “Without them, I don’t believe I would still be alive”

12 May is Nurses’ Day, when Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust make a special effort to show appreciation to our nurses.  Joy Biddell wanted to share her story and say thank you to the nurses who made a huge difference to her recovery.

Here is our dedicated Trust blog site and an account of Joy’s journey

Thank you to all the nurses involved in my care, you’re all very special people! Thank you for not giving up on me when I had completely given up on myself. You didn’t just see me as a patient but you saw and treated me like a person, and encouraged me to carry on and aspire to be the person I want to be. You made me realise that although I have an illness, it’s not the whole part of me and I have so much to give and live for. Carry on being incredible!

What do you think about our community mental health services?

Every year, along with our ongoing Service User and Carer Experience (SUCE) survey, we carry out an annual national survey written by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), to find out what people accessing our community mental health services think about the care they receive.

The survey covers various aspects of care, including the quality of care and treatment, communication with health and social care workers, information, and how our services support you and contribute to your wellbeing.

Surveys went out in the post in February and the final date they can be returned to Quality Health (who carry out the survey on our behalf) is the 23rd June.

If you received the survey in the post and have not yet filled it in, please do have a go at filling it in, being honest about your experiences and how you feel about our community mental health services. Your feedback will help to highlight what we’re doing well, and what we could do better.

The results of the survey will be presented in a form that does not allow any individual’s answers to be identified, so please don’t worry that your answers could have any impact on your care – this could not happen.

We will publish the results on the Trust website and also on our dedicated feedback website, Your Feedback Matters.

For more information about the survey, see more information on the Nottinghamshire Healthcare website. 

Please contact the Involvement Team on if you have any queries or concerns about the survey, or would like to opt out of taking part in the survey.



Clinical staff building skills to work with families.

Behavioural Family Therapy Training


In January and March of this year , 22 Trust clinical staff completed a training course in Behavioural Family Therapy.  The training is delivered by Adult Mental Health staff and supported by a small team of carers and service users who share their experiences, describing the impact of mental health difficulties on the whole family. There is no written assessment during the training and a variety of approaches to learning are used, including; group work, discussions, observing family sessions and giving feedback.

Natasha Batty- Charge Nurse at Lucy Wade Unit, Millbook described her experience.
‘I had some apprehensions about carrying out the BFT training after being informed that it relied heavily on role play, however, the team were wonderful in alleviating our anxieties and I actually found the role play incredibly beneficial in completing the training! The training was very well conducted and, although intense, equipped us with the skills necessary to be confident in carrying this work out. I currently work on an inpatient ward within the Trust but hope to be able to begin implementing the principles of family work with service users that I work with’.
The training sessions are held in Nottingham and Rampton Hospital. Over a quarter of the clinical staff in Adult Mental Health have now completed the course. Family work has been identified within the Trust Recovery Strategy as a strong evidence base for the effectiveness of family work both locally and internationally. After completing the training, staff members are encouraged to attend monthly group supervision sessions and annual Refresher Days which are run by the Family Interventions Team. These days give staff the chance to discuss concerns, maintain confidence and share good practise.

This course is open to clinical staff working in the Adult Mental Health directorate. If you would like to apply for a place on a future course please contact:

PLACE Audits

by Michael Salter

Way back in February, volunteers based at Rosewood and at Duncan Macmillan House were treated to PLACE audit training sessions!  At least we would get to know what the acronym means.  Delivered by Paul Theed, (Modern Matron, Specialist Services Directorate Quality Team) in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere we soon knew that Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment are an important part of maintaining high standards in the delivery of care in our hospitals.  The challenging, busy and frequently staff-pressured life on our hospital wards, can lead to a culture of prioritising.  Standards in this specialised care environment may slip BUT frequently they are kept to a very high level and this should be acknowledged and praised, just as much as focussing on failings that must be remedied.

No sooner was the training session completed at Rosewood, than Joanna Rapson was all over the volunteers like a rash.  No way was she going to miss harnessing our enthusiasm for discovering long-term lingering dust, non-laminated notices, damaged flooring etc., etc.  Quite quickly, the long list for volunteer inspectors for the PLACE audits in Mental Health establishments was filled.

The next 10 weeks saw a flurry of activity under the guidance and direction of Paul Theed.  A small army of volunteers was dispatched periodically to Highbury Hospital, Wells Road, Bassetlaw Hospital, Millbrook Unit and the QMC, where we were able to put the training to good use and reinforce the skills with which we had been imparted. This has been a most interesting and tremendously important task in which we volunteers have been able to contribute.  Now we all hope that the patients and staff in these vital Health Services will benefit from the inspections, through recognition of some really good practice as well as the improvements and changes that are being implemented.

Baking and Crafts at Thornywood

One of our volunteers, Carl, has been busy baking and doing Easter crafts at Thornywood. He attends weekly and does music activities, baking, crafts and plays cards with service users.

Carl seems to really enjoy his time spent there and we’ve had some lovely feedback from staff about how much they appreciate him.


Decorated eggs for Easter – Carl’s egg on the right was named “Dred” and survived two days of being carried around in a bag and shown to people before cracking. Dred even went on a walk and to the museum!


Your Feedback is Being Heard!

PO logo 2

Update from Patient Opinion Subscriber Support Team

picture of Cally Bowman Posted by Cally Bowman, Patient Opinion Subscriber Support Officer

Sharing your feedback on Patient Opinion, no matter how small it might seem, is heard and can lead to a change. A lovely little example happened last week, when some parents shared stories about their experiences of attending “a family fun day during the Easter holidays” at Eastwood Children’s Centre.

Tina Hancock, Sure Start Children’s Centres Service Manager, listened to the feedback, discussed it with staff and posted a response to let the parents know that they were going to make a change thanks to the feedback. Tina explained…

“I have shared your comments on to the team about the food – and your comments have helped us to plan our next event where we will be offering an alternative catering arrangement that caters to more tastes” The staff have reviewed and evaluated your feedback which has led to a change to the way we provide lunch at our future events by providing a better timetable for eating.”

You can read the full stories and responses here: your-feedback-is-being-heard

This is great to see and goes to show that sharing even the small things can help make a difference for many people! Great work from Surestart and Notts Healthcare!