Today, we’re celebrating and thanking volunteers and carers!

I doubt we need to extol the value of volunteers and carers to most people – we all know that they’re a special breed of person, giving so much of themselves to helping other people, often to their own detriment.


Yesterday was the first day of National Volunteers’ Week (1st-7th June) and National Carers’ Week begins on Monday (12th-18th June) – so today, we’re taking the opportunity  to celebrate the vast and unique contribution both volunteers and carers make to the lives of people who are living with mental health conditions, substance misuse issues, learning disabilities or any enduring health condition.

At our Involvement Centre in Ollerton, we’re holding a Garden Party to thank our incredible volunteers and carers for everything they do. Friday at the centre is usually our volunteer’s busiest working day – planning their volunteering for the next week, catching up on their emails, debating and organising how we can work together to improve services. Today however, they’re banned from doing anything official and encouraged to just relax and enjoy the day!

If you want to read about the amazing and often unseen contribution made by volunteers in health and social care services, The Kings Fund wrote a paper in 2012 which talks about just that. You can download it here: The Kings Fund – Volunteering in health and social care, 2012

We’ll post a blog soon with photos from the day, and we’ll be tweeting from the @InvolveT1 Twitter account today and throughout next week.

What do you think about our community mental health services?

Every year, along with our ongoing Service User and Carer Experience (SUCE) survey, we carry out an annual national survey written by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), to find out what people accessing our community mental health services think about the care they receive.

The survey covers various aspects of care, including the quality of care and treatment, communication with health and social care workers, information, and how our services support you and contribute to your wellbeing.

Surveys went out in the post in February and the final date they can be returned to Quality Health (who carry out the survey on our behalf) is the 23rd June.

If you received the survey in the post and have not yet filled it in, please do have a go at filling it in, being honest about your experiences and how you feel about our community mental health services. Your feedback will help to highlight what we’re doing well, and what we could do better.

The results of the survey will be presented in a form that does not allow any individual’s answers to be identified, so please don’t worry that your answers could have any impact on your care – this could not happen.

We will publish the results on the Trust website and also on our dedicated feedback website, Your Feedback Matters.

For more information about the survey, see more information on the Nottinghamshire Healthcare website. 

Please contact the Involvement Team on if you have any queries or concerns about the survey, or would like to opt out of taking part in the survey.



Your Feedback is Being Heard!

PO logo 2

Update from Patient Opinion Subscriber Support Team

picture of Cally Bowman Posted by Cally Bowman, Patient Opinion Subscriber Support Officer

Sharing your feedback on Patient Opinion, no matter how small it might seem, is heard and can lead to a change. A lovely little example happened last week, when some parents shared stories about their experiences of attending “a family fun day during the Easter holidays” at Eastwood Children’s Centre.

Tina Hancock, Sure Start Children’s Centres Service Manager, listened to the feedback, discussed it with staff and posted a response to let the parents know that they were going to make a change thanks to the feedback. Tina explained…

“I have shared your comments on to the team about the food – and your comments have helped us to plan our next event where we will be offering an alternative catering arrangement that caters to more tastes” The staff have reviewed and evaluated your feedback which has led to a change to the way we provide lunch at our future events by providing a better timetable for eating.”

You can read the full stories and responses here: your-feedback-is-being-heard

This is great to see and goes to show that sharing even the small things can help make a difference for many people! Great work from Surestart and Notts Healthcare!

Come to Our Self Help Group

If you have one of following illnesses  or if you are a Carer of someone with the illnesses  Schizo- affective  disorder, Paranoia, Hear Voices or experienced psychosis.

We may be able to offer help and companionship

The next meeting takes place Thursday 10th November 2016


10.30am – 12.30pm

Beeston Community Resource

74 Middle Street

Beeston NG9 2AR

For information call Lydia 07914 791074 or Michael 07890 871769

Toton Tram stop Middle Street is just outside. Buses Indigo, 36 and Y36 stop outside from Nottingham and near from Long Eaton etc.

 This project has been funded by NHS Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with Broxtowe Borough Council as part of the Broxtowe Health Partnership.’



Stage 1 Triangle of Care Gold Star!

The Triangle of Care submission to The Carers Trust  has been approved! In September 2016 we were awarded a gold star for completing Phase 1.

A group from the Trust presented their journey to build a carer friendly trust to the regional meeting held in Derby. This included a detailed report on how the Trust currently works with carers and our ambitions for the future. Really listening to carers and acting on what they say to improve our services means we can improve our partnerships and relationships. To do this we need to be prepared to co-produce more of our services together going into Stage 2 of The Triangle of Care.

64 self-assessments for 74 ward and crisis teams were part of the submission. Trust teams were asked to fill in a self-assessment saying what they are doing currently in their work with carers and to be candid on what they need to improve on.



Head of Involvement – Paul Sanguinazzi sharing our journey with the Midlands Triangle of Care Regional Group, Kingsway,  Derby.

There was praise from The Carers Trust in how our staff are involving carers, the continuity and leadership of approach, plus the production of a Carers and Confidentiality Guide and carer awareness film for staff. They commented on how we were using Carer Feedback to improve services particularly via Patient Opinion  as being a valuable way to evidence our improvements.

The Carers  Federation  supported us every step of the way as our partner organisation for the submission..  Watch out for stage 2. The journey is not over yet…..

Special thanks to The Carers Strategy Group, Trevor Clower – Carer, Rob Gardiner – The Carers Federation and Trust Governor. Paul Sanguinazzi – Head of Involvement and all staff and carers who worked tirelessly to get us to this stage.

Jane Danforth –  Involvement & Experience Officer