Telephone Changes

We’ve made some slight changes to the phone numbers for the Involvement Centres to try and improve it for people wanting contacting us.

As we hold meetings and groups in our Involvement Centres and each one has slightly different opening times, it can sometimes be difficult to get through to us. To try and avoid this frustration, we’ve combined the two different numbers for the two Centres into one single number. This means that you should be more likely to get through to someone who can help with your call. If we’re unable to answer, you can leave a message on our Involvement, Experience and Volunteering voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The important points to know:

The single number for the Involvement Centres is now 0115 956 0845.

Phoning 0115 956 0845 will get you through to our admin, Teresa or Max. If they’re busy, Sally, Joanna or Laura will answer your call.

Our individual extension numbers have not changed, if you want to phone a staff member direct, it’s still the same number.

If you call 0115 956 0845 and want to speak to a specific centre but not the one that answers, we can try and see if they’re free and connect you through – however, whoever answers the phone may be able to deal with your request.

The number for the DMH Centre 0115 993 4567 is now no longer in use. We’ve put a recorded message on it to inform people of the new number to call and this will stay on for a little while longer before we deactivate it.

The extension number for the DMH Centre (10276) is also no longer in use. If you want to contact the centres, phone 0115 956 0845.

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