Carers Christmas fuddle Bassetlaw  Hospital

The input of Carers, Families and Friends are vital to the work of the Involvement Team. Ingrid is an Involvement Volunteer and is regarded with great affection  as ‘The Rosewood Mum’ at The Rosewood Involvement Centre in Ollerton. She is a lady with a big heart  always thinking of others before herself. She has actively campaigned for carers to be included in all aspects of care and was responsible for the inclusion of a carers information leaflet for all carers and families with loved ones arriving for the first time on Bassetlaw Mental Health Wards. This was based on her own experience and what she wanted to know as a new carer arriving for the first time on a ward with a family member knowing absolutely nothing about Adult Mental Health Services. Ingrid is a member of  The Story Shop  and participates in many other volunteering activities. She is an invaluable member of the Involvement Volunteering team. Thank You Ingrid.

Ingrid 2015
Ingrid  AKA “Rosewood Mum”

Ingrid has written her thoughts on the Bassetlaw  Hospital Christmas event for carers.

”It was just fantastic! We had a very tasteful buffet , some carers had made their own dishes  which were delicious.

We had a mindfulness group for about 45mins which was really relaxing.

Then, to follow a harpist followed by the Rosewood Rockers (Vlas, Alan and Eric. So we had a good old sing song of favourites and some Christmas songs.

Rosewood Rockers
The Rosewood Rockers

All in all everybody really enjoyed themselves, a great afternoon.

Thank you to all who gave their time for us Carers, its much appreciated.”



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