Making a difference at Bassetlaw Hospital Ward B2

Band 5 Staff Nurse Interviews.

Involvement Interview Team Volunteers 

As part of our involvement activities, opportunities to be involved in staff interviews are popular and take place regularly.  Full training is given to any volunteers taking part. Here is one volunteer’s account of what’s involved.

The Rosewood Involvement Centre Ollerton was part of a Clinical/Patient Panel of interviewee’s at Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop, and Nottinghamshire. The interview panel comprised of a senior nurse, a ward manager and a volunteer. One additional volunteer was present to ‘shadow’ the interview to learn about the process in preparation for becoming a member of the Involvement Interview Team.

Two candidates who were interviewed for the post had just completed their university training and were very enthusiastic and offered some good answers to all the question’s posed by the panel.  They also asked the panel some interesting questions about Involvement & how it is used which gave us a chance to explain the role Involvement and volunteers play within the Trust

Volunteers expressed their thanks’’ to all the wonderful Staff at Bassetlaw Hospital from The Rosewood Involvement Centre’’

Rosewood Garden

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