Wathwood Hospital Involvement

A volunteer from Rosewood Involvement Centre was part of a Patient Panel of interviewees at Wathwood Hospital this month. The interviews were held over 2 consecutive days at Wathwood Hospital, The panel comprised a professional panel and a patient panel.
The patient panel was chaired by Alison Handley, a Service User/ Carer/ Volunteer from Rosewood Involvement Centre along with a representative from Advocacy and one patient from Wathwood Hospital plus a Rosewood volunteer shadowing.
We have raised £13.50 for Wathwood Hospital for the selling of their jams, chutneys and honey at Rosewood from Wathwood Shop.
Stephen Goodwin is now shadowing Alison at Wathwood Hospital and he is going to start going to the Patient Council Meetings.
Rosewood Involvement Centre has a very good rapport with Wathwood Hospital involving volunteers, staff and patients built up over many years. We hope to continue this two way relationship for many happy and positive years too come.
Many thanks to all the wonderful staff and patients at Wathwood Hospital from Rosewood Involvement Centre.

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