What’s on- Duncan Macmillan House Centre, July 2015

So July has arrived along with some beautiful summer weather.  Our first task in the Involvement Centre was to try and turn off all the radiators.  We had a sweltering meeting with Sam Eagling, Service Liaison Manager from our Trust.  The meeting with Sam is part of an ongoing project which is giving volunteers training to be part of the review process for complaints and incidents across the Trust.  To get people involved in this area of the Trust is a bit of a first and we aren’t aware of it happening to such a degree anywhere else in the country.  Although, if you are please let us know as we’re keen to learn!

We’re meeting Sam again on 28 July to start to put into practice the training we’ve had, so more about that next month.

For the rest of the month we have, as always, the Tuesday Meeting from 1pm 3pm where everybody is welcome; it’s also a great place to meet other volunteers, find out what they’re up to and here from guest speakers about some of the successes and challenges across Nottinghamshire Healthcare. Volunteers that have been involved in auditing wards are also meeting up with Paul Theed for a debrief about the whole process and what to consider for next year and then there is the AGM.

The centre closes and like a travelling circus we will be at the Trust’s AGM on Friday 24 July promoting Involvement and all the work we do through the year.  If you’re interested in attending the AGM you need to register here: http://www.nottshealthcareagm2015.co.uk/

An exciting summer, lets hope the good work and weather continue.

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