ROSEWOOD  ROCKERS  HIT  KINGSLEY  WARD  AT  MILLBROOK by Eric Wilson Rosewood Involvement Volunteer

One weekend in June The “ Rosewood Rockers “ made their first appearance at Kingsley Ward.  The group members are Mervyn, Alan, and Eric on guitar, all volunteers at Rosewood Involvement Centre. They originally came together as part of the Rosewood Music Group and are piloting a project which will take them into Mental Health wards across the Trust.

The patients, visitors and staff were able to sing along to tunes from the 50’s and 60’s, including rock number “All shook up “ and ballad “ Can’t Help falling in Love with you “ by Elvis. There was even a little “country” with John Denver’s “ Country Roads”.

Volunteering and Befriending  Involvement team member Beverley Taylor  was the star guest singing “ Amazing Grace “. The performance was well received and the group plan to visit more wards in the Trust in the near future with the hope of keeping the patients and staff “Rocking !

Kingsley Ward is based at Millbrook Unit at Kings Mill  Hospital and has 20 beds.  The services are needs led, person-centered specialist services for older people//

Rosewood Rockers

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