GLADYS BOMBEK – Involvement Volunteer Blog No1. 7th July 2015



After being a member of the Nottingham Involvement Centre for over eight years and regularly attending the weekly Tuesday Meeting I was pleasantly surprised to find that this week I was among many new faces.  Not knowing the names of everyone we went around the room and introduced ourselves – I won’t remember all the names BUT I will remember the faces.

We all joined into a debate of how we felt we should be treated as service users – what sort of medication we should be prescribed.  Each person has had different experiences of mental health and received different treatments.  It was an eye opening experience to hear how some treatments worked really well and others not so well.  The whole meeting felt like a huge family get together and we are all looking forward to meeting up next Tuesday and to see what topic we will be discussing.

Never blogged before – but I will be regularly blogging about our Tuesday Meeting to keep you all up to date – this is a new role for me – talk later!

Gladys Bombek

About us: The Involvement team at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust work within the Trust to ensure that service users and carers are involved in service planning and scrutiny of our services, provide volunteering opportunities and support within the Trust and lead on collecting and analysing service user and carer feedback within the Trust.

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