Binta’s Blog Chapter 1 Communication & Social Media

Binta’s Blog Chapter 1

My name is Binta Jammeh. I am a Volunteer at the Involvement Centre in Nottingham and a Service User

I have  recently joined  a new  group about communication based at our Nottingham Involvement Centre. This includes communication about Involvement and what it is all about within the Trust.  Some of this communication is about feedback and the use of  social media. We met at the Involvement Centre, Duncan Macmillan House Nottingham. The meeting was led by Jonathan Wright , Involvement Centre Manager and Jane Danforth,  Involvement and Experience Officer for the Involvement Team and a group of volunteers.

The communications group meeting was significant as we talked about  how to get people to engage both online and in traditional ways when communicating information about what we do to involve people in our Trust services.

There was a discussion about Patient Opinion, an online independent feedback website which is an independent website about feedback from our services. It  helps the Trust to generate different ideas and make changes and improvements through stories left on Patient Opinion online. The feedback also shows where the Trust has provided a great service to service users, carers,  families  and friends. We also have a feedback website at the Trust called  ‘Your Feedback Matters’.

We discussed how  Involvement Volunteers and members of staff can work together as a team to build strong communication channels internally at the Trust and externally.

As service user volunteers, we can also set an agenda to influence how to reach people with the right information about the Trust and services by using social media and face-to-face communication.

I found the meeting very interesting and educating. I personally learned about the great services that are provided by the Trust and also the team work that members of staff and volunteers has brought together  to provide better services.

Binta Jammeh – Involvement Volunteer

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