DMH Involvement Centre- What’s on

This month in the Involvement Centre is an unusual one as the centre is getting a much needed lick of paint! Choosing the colour scheme was one of the more chaotic Tuesday Meetings, but come next month we should have a beautifully decorated centre that’s ready to make a difference!

The Ideal Ward Round project is still running along at pace. This project hopes to find what an ideal ward round or review looks like for patients and staff on the wards. We started with developing four questionnaires and volunteers have been busy getting out and about across the Trust asking and supporting people to fill in the questionnaires. The two centres Rosewood and Duncan Macmillan House have now managed to get 50 questionnaires completed, which is a significant amount of data for this first stage.

One of the highlights last week for the Ideal Ward Round was being part of the Easter celebrations as part of the Highbury Live! Event. We managed to raise awareness of the project and staff were particularly keen to be involved. With the Rosewood Centre at Millbrook and Bassetlaw we are really gaining momentum.

What with other work over the next month working with the Crisis House, new Trust website and training for volunteers to be involved in serious incident reviews, when the paint dries we’re going to be busy!

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