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Lessons for the NHS here wethinks…


Hi everyone!

This is how I get school letters ….


…… of course that’s assuming I get them at all! Our teenagers pre screen letters and only hand me the “important ones” and the forgetfulness and disorganisation that comes with dyslexia means that our littlest child often fails to recall a letter has even been handed out.  I used to think that communication systems within the NHS were archaic but at least in the NHS we rely on Royal Mail and not an 8 year old with dyslexia to convey important missives! Being both a working mum and having children in two different schools i don’t have time to hang around at the start or end of the school day and have virtually no communication or discourse with the schools … so a crumpled up letter in the bottom of a bag is as good as it gets.

So you can…

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