AUTUMN PROGRAMME 2017 Arnold MH & Bef Gp

 September 8   Interactive presentation with Jasmine Flowers from Change Point on the Eatwell Guide, food labels, mindful eating and the benefits of physical activity on mental health.

September 22  Presentation with Beth, previous long term “mute” now international speaker.

October 6  Presentation with Bev Pearson from Radford Dementia Care Centre.

October 13 John Coates from Kings Church – presentation on debt advice.

October 20 Mark Towlson, Gedling Borough Council Dementia Champion – presentation on his role and all aspects of dementia.

November 3  Presentation by Jack from Autism East Midlands on his role and work and what the organisation does and can offer people, and an understanding of the various forms of autism and its impact.

December 22  Last drop in session before Christmas with buffet and quiz as well as the usual activities.

The centre will reopen  Friday 5 January 2018.

Please note that all the above events will take place at Arnold Methodist Church, 54 Front Street, Arnold commencing at 2.00pm.

In addition, each month from August until December Rosie Waters from Stop Smoking Service will have a display table in the Drop In.

External Courses  Training through CHIPPS – Churches in Pastoral Partnership

Saturday 7 October 2017   There will be a workshop on understanding all aspects of abuse.  This is in partnership with CHIPPS and will take place at Toton Methodist Church from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

 Mental Health Befriending & Support Group

54 Front Street, Arnold, NG5 7EL  Telephone 0115 926 6828

What we did at the weekend. Part 1 Adventures in York

At the Rosewood Centre we are a group of volunteers  who devote our time to supporting and improving Nottinghamshire Healthcare services in a variety of ways using our lived exprience as service users and carers. From collecting feedback to putting on concerts for patients, taking part in audits or staff interviews and befriending patients in Rampton High Secure Hospital we use our collective skills to help others and ourselves.

So what DID we do at the weekend and why? We went to York. Eight of us.

RW day out in YorkBoating, eating ice cream visiting museums, laughing till it hurt, smiling, walking, spending time together plus ‘people watching’ combined with lots of  fresh air in the Summer sunshine!

Ingrid, carer said, ‘We had a good laugh and it made me feel good to be together with people who care about each other. It’s good to meet up at weekend away from our volunteering at Rosewood  which we all love and it has created a social network of peer support which helps us all.

Eric said, ‘I’m tired but it’s ‘good tired’! Saturday is my worst day of the week. I’m on my own and I’m faced with housework which I don’t feel like doing when I’m away from people.  The York trip motivated me to get up in the morning and I woke Steve up to join the trip! Steve is my friend. He has trouble getting up as well’.

David & Eric

The group of friends and colleagues said ‘ Weekends can be a lonely time for us and it’s been nice to have the opportunity to focus on our own wellbeing. During the week we focus on the needs of others in our volunteering roles. Volunteering has brought us together as a supportive community of like-minded people’.

Michael said,  ‘It [going out together] helps me to stay sane’! Another great ‘Rosewood Jolly’. Here comes another week of full-on Involvement. What a top team!

Look out for our next adventure in Part 2 when we discover the delights of the Robin Hood Festival in Edwinstowe. The group is on a mission for reducing the time asleep in front of the telly at weekends and general lethargy zzzzzz

RW 2 Trip to York
Ready for a cuppa




Ginny and Hannah share their experiences of volunteering and how Carers Support Groups can be a life line. Part 2


During Carers Week June 2017, we  shared stories of hope, courage and the challenges carers face every day.  Mum and Daughter Ginny and Hannah Slack have a remarkable relationship. Hannah’s physical and mental health has impacted on the family from time to time and she hears voices.  Ginny supports Hannah and Hannah supports Ginny.

In Part 1 Ginny and Hannah spoke about family work within our Trust and how it turned their lives around. In Part 2 they chat about the significance and mutual benefits of volunteering and  support groups for carers and families.

Their lives changed when Andrea Emmens – Family Interventions Coordinator, invited them to an open day for a service called Stepping Stones which has now closed. Guest speaker, Peter Bullimore who works with people who hear voices made a real impact on Hannah who was introduced to the work of Maastricht  through Peter. Hannah became a volunteer for the Maastricht training programme and attends four times a year.

Ginny was introduced to a carers support group after her husband Robert died suddenly. Ginny said; ‘Hannah was a tower of strength to me during difficult times.  After a while I attended a Bassetlaw Carers Day. We met  Ingrid, another carer  and an involvement volunteer at The Rosewood Centre who encouraged us to join Bassetlaw Carers Group. I didn’t think I needed it but I did and it helped enormously.

After a while we found out about volunteering through The Rosewood Centre and became actively involved as volunteers across Mental Health services in various roles. I take part in the training sessions sharing my story as a carer for the Family Interventions Team. 

Volunteering and support groups have given us so much. We support each other sharing a wealth of experience. It’s helpful for connecting with professionals in the Trust and for meeting other carers and service users.

We talk, we guide each other, we swop stories, we gain knowledge and knowledge is power’.

Coming soon – Part 3 Hannah and Ginny share what they do to look after their health and wellbeing and how Hannah copes with hearing voices. 

Family Interventions Team for Adult Mental Health.  

Andrea Emmens – Family Interventions Coordinator, Mental Health Unit, Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop Notts, S80 0BD

Tel: 01909 502025

Enquiries:   Twitter @Familywork123

Alyson Leeks Family Interventions Co-ordinator (Mon-Wed) Manor Road, Gedling,

Tel: 07824835292

More information -Peter-Bullimore  Peter Bullimore works in a clinical way with people that have mental health difficulties. Peter heard his first voice aged seven. He delivers training to mental health professionals, carers and support workers


Telephone Changes

We’ve made some slight changes to the phone numbers for the Involvement Centres to try and improve it for people wanting contacting us.

As we hold meetings and groups in our Involvement Centres and each one has slightly different opening times, it can sometimes be difficult to get through to us. To try and avoid this frustration, we’ve combined the two different numbers for the two Centres into one single number. This means that you should be more likely to get through to someone who can help with your call. If we’re unable to answer, you can leave a message on our Involvement, Experience and Volunteering voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The important points to know:

The single number for the Involvement Centres is now 0115 956 0845.

Phoning 0115 956 0845 will get you through to our admin, Teresa or Max. If they’re busy, Sally, Joanna or Laura will answer your call.

Our individual extension numbers have not changed, if you want to phone a staff member direct, it’s still the same number.

If you call 0115 956 0845 and want to speak to a specific centre but not the one that answers, we can try and see if they’re free and connect you through – however, whoever answers the phone may be able to deal with your request.

The number for the DMH Centre 0115 993 4567 is now no longer in use. We’ve put a recorded message on it to inform people of the new number to call and this will stay on for a little while longer before we deactivate it.

The extension number for the DMH Centre (10276) is also no longer in use. If you want to contact the centres, phone 0115 956 0845.



Friday 7th July – bite size seminar on de-escalating techniques with Eagle

Friday 21st July – no drop in but church open to all as part of the Arts Festival.

Friday 28th July Meet outside Church at 11.00am for picnic in the park

All events, unless otherwise stated, will take place in the Church Drop In Hall at 2.00pm.  Volunteers and visitors are all welcome.

54 Front Street, Arnold, NG5 7EL

Telephone 0115 926 6828 

Arnold MH & Bef Gp


Comms Group Changes

We’re having a revamp of our Comms Group at Rosewood.

In our regular Monday sessions which run 10:30am-12:30pm, we used to look at reviewing common themes from meetings, Care Opinion posts and writing blog posts. We’re now separating this out into four themes that will roll on a weekly basis (still in the regular Monday morning slot), so expect to see something new on our monthly calendars.

“Information Matters” – a focus on discussion on themes identified within meetings across the Trust. Reviewing information on Care Opinion and the Your Feedback Matters sites to help inform and equip volunteers attending meetings and areas across the Trust.

“Review Panel” – a focus on reviewing literature and processes to make them more Volunteer, Carer or Service-user friendly.

“Create” – a focus on creating new materials for the Involvement, Experience & Volunteering Team.

“Blogs and Media” – a focus on writing new blog posts, social media, photographs, videos and vlogs.

If you’re interested in coming along, please speak to Laura –